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Important StructuresEdit

Data Center : The main structure of the Data Serialization Technology. It contain the Inventory where all items are Serialized.
Internal Inventory Data Center : Same as the Data Center, but contain the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory, and all Deep Storage inside the Control Center.
Data Storage : When linked to a Data Center, it increase the capacity of Items by 1000.
Matter Serializer : Used to transform Item into Data, and send them to the linked Data Center.
Matter Printer : Take serialized Items from the linked Data Center and print them into real Items.
Wireless Data Transmitter : Create a wireless access point for the Data Network it is linked to. Wireless Data Receiver can be remotely connected.
Wireless Data Receiver : Can be connected to a Wireless Data Transmitter. This will creater a bridge for the Data Network between the Transmitter and the Receiver.
Energy Cube MK1 : Work like an accumulator. When linked to a Matter Serialization Network Circuit, it provide Energy to all structures inside.

How it works Edit

The Matter Serialization Technology is a new way to transfer Items throught the Circuit Network. Each Data Center represent a Data Network, only one of it can be inside each Network. To connect new structures to a Data Network, you have to use Green and Red wire.

All Matter Serialization Structures consume energy, then, you have to connect an Energy Cube to the Network, if the Network have no enought Energy to work, it will shut down until more Energy is provided.

The Tooltip GUI can be used to see what's inside the Data Network Inventory, this GUI can also provide other informations when you hover above a structure with your mouse.

The Internal Storage Data Center is an interface to the Mobile Factory Internal Inventory and all Deep Storage inside the Control Center. All Items from the Deep Storages can be transfered via a Matter Printer linked to an Internal Storage Data Center .

Ore Cleaner and Fluid ExtractorEdit

To work, the Ore Cleaner and the Fluid Extractor need Quatron Charge. To send these Charges to them, you must use the Internal Storage Data Center. Quatron Charge are sended by the Mobile Factory from its Internal Inventory, then, you have to put Charges in this Inventory via a Matter Serializer linked to the Internal Storage Data Center.

Data Network DiagramEdit

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